Conf.dr.Eng. Nicolae Crainic

Director of Permanent Education Center
Expert in national and international educational and scientific projects
Specialist in developing relationships with the economic environment

Eng. Vasile Rușeț

Cisco CEP Academy Manager since its establishment in UPT
Rich experience in project development and management
Expertise in the development of continuous training programs

Eng. Ivian Păun

Cisco CEP Academy Administrator
Senior Instructor (CCNA,CyberOps,CCNP,IoT) since 2005
13+ years of experience in ITC industry

Eng. Mihai Jianu

Cisco CEP Academy Instructor (CCNA,IoT)
15+ years of experience in ITC Industry

Eng. Stejărel Vereș

Cisco CEP Academy Initiator
Senior Instructor (CCNA,CCNP,Security) since 1998
20+years in training of ITC industry

Eng. Ovidiu Mircea

Cisco CEP Senior Instructor (CCNA,CCNP,Security,IoT) since 2002
20+ years in ITC industry from ISP to provider

Eng. Bogdan Ilisie

Cisco CEP Academy Instructor (CCNA, Linux)
2+ years of experience in ITC industry

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